Poppins Keiki Hawaii

Kids’ Program

From what age can I leave my child in your care?
Children between the ages of 2 years 6 months old and 12 years old can use the service.
Can I use the service without a reservation?
Available unless capacity is reached.
Due to limited capacity, reservations are recommended in advance.
Is your facility accredited by the State of Hawaii (licensed by the State of Hawaii)?
Yes, we are a State of Hawaii licensed facility.
Are the staff licensees?
In accordance with Hawaii State rules, we always have a licensed teacher on staff.
My child attends an international school (or other English language institution). Can you provide your service in English?
We have Japanese / English bilingual staff, so we can accommodate your needs.
I am not staying at the Sheraton Waikiki Hotel. Can I use your service?
Poppins Keiki Hawaii is open to the public.
Can you pick my child(ren) up at my hotel?
Parents or guardians (or their substitutes) are required to bring their child(ren) to our kids’ room.
How many children will one staff member supervise?
Children will be cared for according to the following ratios.
・Children from 0 to 2.5 years old: 1 staff member takes care of 1 to 2 children.
・Children over 2.5 years old: 1 staff member for up to 6 children.
This is the first time I am leaving my child with you and I am sure he/she will cry.
Although some children may cry at first, our childcare staff has extensive experience in Japan and Hawaii, and most children leave with smiles on their faces when it is time for their parents to pick them up.
You can count on us.
What do I need to bring when I use the service?
Please bring a change of clothes, swimsuit (if participating in water activities), snacks (if needed), water, hat, and sunscreen.
Please bring your own lunch, or Keiki(kids) Meal lunch order is also available on request. Please ask for availability with your reservation.
What should I bring on a field trip?
Due to the strong sun and high temperatures, hats, water (water bottles or plastic bottles), and sunscreen (to be applied by parents) are required.
Are meals and snacks provided?
Please feel free to bring your own.
Keiki(kids) Meal lunch order is also available request. Please ask for availability with your reservation.
Do you bottle feed the babies?
If you leave your bottlefeeding set(s) with us, we can accommodate you. If your child will be with us for a longer period of time, please prepare enough sets for the number of feedings.(For hygiene reasons, milk bottles cannot be washed and used repeatedly.)
Are water-related activities safe?
We always assign 2 or more staff members depending on the number of children and their needs. A certified lifeguard and a certified teacher will lead the tour.
I want my child to participate in boogie boarding, but he / she is not a good swimmer. Is it possible?
Children will wear life jackets and will be under the guidance of a certified lifeguard at all times during the water activities. They will go boogie boarding using the surf of the shallow, lapping waves in front of Sheraton Waikiki.
I have used the Poppins babysitting service in Japan and would like to use the babysitting service in Hawaii, but is there any difference in the service content between Hawaii and Japan?
Childcare services in Hawaii operate under the laws and customs of the United States and the State of Hawaii. Please be aware that our services are different from Poppins Nanny Service in Japan.

Infant/Toddler Room

Can you take my child(ren) to the ocean or the beach like the kids program?
Children between 3 months and 2.5 years of age are not allowed to participate in ocean and pool activities for safety reasons.
We take them for a walk within the Sheraton Waikiki grounds according to their needs.
Can I leave my stroller with you?
Yes, we are unable to take care of your valuables, but we will keep your stroller with us until your pick-up time.
Do I need to bring my own hot water for feeding the baby?
No, you do not need to bring your own water. We provide water from our water server at the appropriate temperature.

Babysitting Service

Can you take my child(ren) to a park close to the hotel where I am staying? Also, can you take them to the hotel pool?
Neither are allowed due to safety reasons. We can take them on a walk around your accomodation facilities.
Can you call room service and ask for a lunch/dinner order?
Babysitters are not allowed to order any food. They will serve what have been prepared in advance by the parents/guardians.
Can I extend the service time on the spot?
We are unable to do so. If you extend your service on the same day or are late, a late fee will be charged. In such cases, please be sure to contact us. We recommend that you make your reservation well in advance.