Housekeeping Service to be provided in the summer of 2017

Housekeeping Services by Filipino Staff

This is our state-of-the-art housekeeping support service undertaken by our staff members from the Philippines that utilizes know-how Poppins has in the field. Childcare and elderly-care services are provided together with housekeeping services adjusted to the customers’ lifestyles.

World-Renowned Housekeeping Services Provided by Filipino Staff

In the Philippines, housekeepers are accredited via national certification. Their high-quality housekeeping services are in demand all around the worldーwith their housekeepers in the employ of high-class hotels and luxurious cruise liners.

Services Adjusted to a Variety of Household Needs

  • We provide points of contact that allow for selection of preferred staff members and services adjusted to the needs of the customer.
  • In addition to response to all housekeeping needs, we are able to provide staff who can respond to childcare and elderly-care needs.
  • We provide housekeeping services while keeping in mind the housewife’s concern towards conservation and ecological preservation.
  • Provision of flexible services hours as well as number of visits per week, adjusted to the conditions of your household.
  • Our coordinator performs visits to the customer’s home, providing service contents adjusted to your requests.
  • Communication with the staff will be conducted in English, with which the coordinator will provide assistance.