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Investor Relations

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Maiko Todoroki Maiko Todoroki
President and CEO

On December 21, 2020, Poppins Corporation was listed on the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange (name at listing: Poppins Holdings Inc.) We are deeply grateful to everyone who has helped and supported us toward achieving this important milestone.

The name “Poppins” plays on the Walt Disney’s musical movie Mary Poppins. Similar to this movie, my vision was to provide a fun and captivating environment for children to thrive in and learn about the meaningful things in life.

We started as a nanny (babysitter educator) service company. As the first childcare room at the International Garden and Greenery Exposition, Osaka, Japan, 1990, we expanded the scale of our services and the breadth of our business.

Currently, we have 329 nursery schools and after-school facilities across Japan. Beyond the bricks and mortar, we provide a full line of services and business to support working women. These include elderly care and household chores support, education, training and survey, and recruitment and temp agency services in addition to online services via Poppins Sitter that extends to a free choice of babysitters. As of April 2022, we have 5,685 employees.

As we strive to take care of the family members of our customers, we recognize the importance of trust among our customers. We pay full attention to the quality of our services to offer hospitality that makes us feel like another family member.

We have conducted research on childcare with universities in Japan and abroad – including Stanford and Harvard. We focus on early childhood education as the children will inherit the next-generation of our global society.

Over the years, we have taken various measures to support nursery teachers, including such as through Japan’s first Childcare Management Course by Poppins at Ochanomizu University Graduate School in April 2021.

Moreover, we at Poppins have created the word “Edu-care” (a word coined combining education and care) under our belief that early childhood education is of highest importance. We are now instilling this belief in employees through various training sessions with “Edu-care from birth” as the core of our basic policy.

This desire that I have carried from the time of our foundation to support working women is in itself a solution to social issues and continues to meet the ideals of the SDGs today.

The Japan Research Institute provides us with a second opinion on the principles of social bond. We have also received a positive evaluation regarding the contributions the company will be making towards the SDGs. As we seek to become a leading Japanese company in tackling the SDGs, our mission is to support working women.
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Driven by a commitment to providing “the highest standard” of service, we have developed a lineup of offerings that cater to working women in all stages of life. As nursery waiting lists shrink alongside Japan’s declining birthrates, in recent years the childcare industry has faced an accelerating shift in customer needs, from quantity to quality. At Poppins, we regard these societal changes as an opportunity.

Recognizing the importance of ICT and AI in expanding our service lineup and boosting growth potential, in January 2020 we created a Digital Transformation Division. These digital initiatives now contribute in various ways, from systems that reduce the workloads of frontline staff to virtual childcare and Poppins Plus, an online program that offers authentic, first-rate global experiences.

Maiko Todoroki became our President in March 2020. This further strengthened our management structure and cultivated our focus on the next 30 years.

We have come this far thanks to our wonderful customers.

We value your support and look forward to earning it year over year.