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アメリカ・ハワイ州における「ポピンズ・ケイキ・ハワイ」の貢献が下記の通り認められ、2014年10月1日が「Poppins Keiki Hawai’I Day」(ポピンズ・ケイキ・ハワイの日)として、正式にハワイ州知事より宣言されました。

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Poppins Keiki Hawai’i was licensed in Honolulu, Hawai’i in 2008 as first Japanese childcare company to offer a state-licensed facility serving parents with children ages 12 weeks old and up.


Poppins Keiki Hawai’I has built strong customer loyalty by providing safe and high-quality services not only to Japanese visitors but to all those traveling in Hawai’I with children.


Poppins Keiki Hawai’i employs qualified and certified professionals – often enriched by relevant international experience in a variety of settings – who provide childcare of the highest standards to visitors and kama’aina throughout the Honolulu area..


Poppins Keiki Hawai’i provides outdoor programs which offer the best of the unique activities available in Hawai’i, including swimming and bodyboarding in Waikiki, creating lasting memories for children of the islands.


Poppins Keiki Hawai’i has begun to expand their high-quality childcare and babysitting operation to the neighbor islands, offering peace of mind and continuity to parents traveling throughout Hawai’i.


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