Our Mission

We support any working women with the highest standards of EduCare and nursing services.

Founder / Noriko Nakamura

The Poppins service was born from my own real-life experience of raising and caring children.

There are many other women who work away from their young children or sick family members, who are unable to do the housework, who are somewhat heartbroken but still positively working for the future.
And with a strong passion to support women, I founded the Japan Association of Female Executives (JAFE) in 1985 and started Poppins in 1987.
Since then, we have been facing customers to provide the best possible experience. With our beliefs, we have broken through a number of rock-bottom regulations to create new values.
Poppins has grown to become an original company, unlike any other in the world, with ideas and a commitment to quality that were never possible in the childcare industry.
We will continue to be a leading company in childcare and nursing care support for working women.

  • CEO, Chairperson and Founder
  • Noriko Nakamura
About Noriko Nakamura
Noriko Nakamura started her career as an announcer at Asahi Television, one of the leading broadcasting companies in Japan. In 1985, she established and became chair of the Japan Association for Female Executives (JAFE). In 1987, Noriko founded Jafi Services, the predecessor of Poppins.
Noriko has held the position of Vice-Chairwoman of All Japan Childcare Services Association as well as council member of the Cabinet Office and the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare Committee for Female Empowerment.
Today, Noriko continues to hold multiple other prominent positions, including External Board Member at PARCO; Advisory Board Member at Sony Marketing; Vice-Chairwoman of the Committee for Medical-Care System Reform; Vice-Chairwoman of the Committee for Consideration of Countermeasures to the Declining Birthrate; and Lead Manager of Japan Association of Corporate Executives. She is also an active member of various other governmental committees.
She has received numerous honors, such as the ‘New Business Contest Outstanding Entrepreneur Award’ from the Japan New Business Conference, as well as the ‘Business Stateswoman of the Year’ from the Harvard Business School Club of Japan.Chairperson of the GSW (World Summit of Women) Tokyo.
President / Maiko Todoroki

We are a company that supports working women with edu-care and nursing services.

The quality of our services is always at the very high standard.
Poppins was the first company in Japan to train and arrange nannies (educational babysitters), and we have also provided VIP care services for the elderly to support working women and respond to their new needs. We are also the only company in Japan to offer a full range of services, from licensed nursery schools to after school facilities and international schools, offering EduCare from the age 0.
Not only taking care of children who will create the future and spread their wings globally, but also providing them with added value. And on the other hand we also support the people who have built the foundations of the Japan of today.
We will accompany families so that they can live their own lives with confidence.
The source and growth engine of Poppins is "love", and this is our unchanging wish.
We will continue to improve the quality of our services by sincerely listening to our customers' heartfelt voices.

  • President
  • Maiko Todoroki
About Maiko Todoroki
From the age of 12, studied at a private boarding school in the UK and enrolled at King's College, University of London.
Completed MBA at INSEAD Graduate School in 2006. After working in foreign finance, luxury goods, and living abroad for 25 years (UK, France, and Singapore), Todoroki was promoted to Director of Poppins Corporation in 2012. 2018 Became President and Representative Director of Poppins Corporation, and a member of the 2050 Economic and Social Structure Subcommittee of the Industrial Structure Council, Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry.
2020 President of Poppins Holdings Co., Ltd. , Board Member of the National Association of Childcare Services, and Vice Chairman of the "Study Group on Japan's Tomorrow" of Japan Association of Corporate Executives.


1985 Founded JAFE (Japan Association of Female Executives) Representative: Noriko Nakamura (Predecessor of JAFE Service Co., Ltd.).
1986 Adopted childcare curriculum in corporation with Norland College in England.
Started training nannies (educational babysitters).
1987 Founded JAFE Service Co., Ltd.
Started providing in-home childcare services (for individuals).
Started daycare service in Secom center.
1990 Set up the first childcare room in the World Expo, “The International Garden and Greenery Exposition, Osaka 1990”.
Opened the Ashiya branch office.
1993 Corporate contracts with the Metropolitan Police Department, Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications, and Ministry of Finance.
Started in-home childcare services for corporate clients.
1994 Started a workplace childcare center in the pediatric division of Keio University Hospital.
Started a workplace childcare center at the St. Luke’s International Hospital.
1996 Change the company name to “Poppins Corporation Co. Ltd.”
Started in-home elderly care service “Poppins VIP Care”.
1997 Signed a corporate contract with Merrill Lynch Japan Securities.
Opened a workplace nursery “Koneko Nursery” at Yamato Transport Co., Ltd.
1998 Authorized by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare as a school to train 2nd grade home helpers.
Opened “Poppins Nursery Yokohama”, a childcare center authorized by the city of Yokohama.
1999 Acquired ISO9001 Certificate for childcare and elderly care services.
Opened 3 childcare centers in hospitals (Keio University Hospitals, Yokohama Kowan Hospital, Civilian Hospital).
Opened "Poppins Nursery Kotoen", a childcare center built in a station and a trial project subsidized by the Ministry of Health, Labor, and Welfare.
2000 Signed a corporate contract with Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., Ltd.
Opened “Poppins Nursery JP Kozukue,” a childcare center authorized by the city of Yokohama.
Opened 3 Kids Rooms in public facilities (Kobe Hankyu Department Store, Aqua City, Cerulean Tower)
Opened 2 childcare centers in hospitals (Saiseikai Kanagawa-ken Hospital and Yokohama City University Hospital).
Approved as a in-home elderly care provider.
2001 Signed a corporate contract with Tokai Bureau of Japan Post.
Opened “Poppins Nursery Kozukue”, a childcare center authorized by the city of Tokyo.
公共施Opened “Poppins Nursery Minami Machida” a condominium-style childcare center.
Was commissioned with "Utilization of IT for providing innovative service in the field of child and elderly care project" from Ministry of Economy, Trade, and Industry.
2002 Opened 3 childcare centers authorized by the city of Tokyo (Sangenjaya, Tsutsujigaoka, and Fuchu).
“Poppins Nursery Kozukue” was recognized as the first privately run childcare center in Yokohama authorized by the national government.
Was commissioned with "the research study on the most effective assistance measures for child raising from the point of view of lifelong learning society" from Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology.
2003 Opened a workplace childcare center for companies including Shiseido (consortium model).
Opened “Poppins Nursery Ichibancho”, a childcare center authorized by the city of Tokyo.
2004 Opened “Poppins Nursery Chofu”, a licensed childcare center, and 2 childcare centers authorized by the city of Tokyo (Higashi-shinagawa, Futakotamagawa)
Opened Poppins International Pre-School in Yebisu Garden Place.
2005 Opened 2 childcare centers authorized by the city of Tokyo (Komagata, Shimomaruko)
2006 Opened “Poppins Nursery Shin-urayasu”, a licensed childcare center.
Opened 3 childcare centers authorized by the city of Tokyo (Minami-machida, Sumida, Musashino)
Opened 4 on-campus and workplace childcare centers (IKEA Japan, Nagoya University, Keio Group, etc.)
2007 Opened 5 childcare centers authorized by the city of Tokyo (Waseda, Asagaya, Kyobashi, Takanawa, Tachikawa)
Opened 5 on-campus and workplace childcare centers (Takahashi Shoten, Mizuho Financial Group, Samantha Thavasa, Aisin Seiki, Hoyu)
Opened 2 childcare centers in public facilities (Karuizawa Prince Hotel, Jazz Dream Nagashima)
2008 Opened 2 childcare centers authorized by the city of Tokyo (Shibaura, Kichijoji)
Opened 8 on-campus and workplace childcare centers (3 campuses of Tokyo University, Sophia University, Citigroup, Sumitomo Chemical, Sumitomo Electric (Osaka), Sumitomo Corporation)
Opened “Poppins Keiki Hawaii Kidsroom”.
2009 Opened 2 childcare centers authorized by the city of Tokyo (Tamagawa, Tsukishima)
Opened 13 on-campus and workplace childcare centers (Osaka City University, 2 locations at Nagoya University, Albion, Sysmex, Sumitomo Corporation, Sumitomo Chemical (Chiba),Sumitomo Electric, Disco, Tokai Rubber, Panasonic, Itochu Corporation)
2010 Opened Poppins Active Learning School in Tokyo Midtown.
2011 Opened 11 childcare and educational facilities including "Poppins Nursery School Itami", the first licensed nursery school in the Hanshin area.
Head office relocated to Hiroo Plaza (Hiroo, Shibuya-ku) and name changed to Poppins Co.
Started basic training for childcare for mothers.
2012 Designated as an in-home care support office (Ashiya branch).
Opened 12 childcare and education facilities.
Opened "Poppins Training Center" in Tateshina, Nagano.
Poppins Fellowship" was established at the Graduate School of Education, Harvard University, USA.
2013 Opened 17 childcare and educational facilities.
Started Home nursing service.
Published "Poppins Approach" as a textbook for childcare staff
NPO Poppins opens "Nursery Workers e-club", the first community site for nursery workers in Japan.
Launched "Chienomi", building blocks that focus on the brain development process.
2014 Opened 21 childcare and education facilities
Saitama contracted Poppins for the "Emergency Project for Securing Human Resources for Childcare Workers".
Opened "Poppins Active Learning International School" (PALIS) in Yebisu Garden Place
Opened "Poppins Ashiya Salon", a mansion-style day service facility in Ashiya.
Kanagawa contracted Poppins to conduct a "Feasibility Study on the Transition to Licensed Childcare" and a "Reemployment Promotion Project for Potential Nursery Teachers and Kindergarten Teachers".
2015 Opened Poppins' first licensed nursery school "Poppins Nursery School Sapporo Shiroishi" and 13 other childcare and education facilities in Hokkaido
Published the 2nd edition of Poppins Approach "Educare from 0 years old: An invitation to childcare where all children can grow".
Opened Osaka branch.
2016 Opened "Poppins Nursery School Tennoji", the first licensed nursery school in Osaka City, and 11 other childcare and educational facilities.
Awarded the Minister of Health, Labour and Welfare Prize at the 1st Japan Service Awards by Poppins Nanny Service.
Started overseas early childhood education training in Reggio Emilia, Italy.
Founded of Poppins Holdings Co.
Noriko Nakamura became Representative Director and CEO (currently Representative Director and Chairman)
2017 Opened a new record number of 27 childcare and education facilities, including company-led childcare centers.
Nakamura chairs the organizing committee for the 2017 Global Summit of Women in Tokyo.
The event was a success with a record number of 1,600 guests from 62 countries and the first ever party held at the Geihinkan.
Launch of "Poppins Housework Support Service.
Started "Poppins Nurse Care".
Poppins Holdings acquired "Smart Sitter Co., Ltd.", which operates a babysitter matching website, as a subsidiary.
2018 The 30th anniversary of Poppins
Representative Director and President Maiko Todoroki appointed at Poppins Co.
Opened a new record number of 27 childcare and education facilities, including 23 company-led childcare centres, to operate 210 facilities nationwide
Founded "Houikushi Go Inc.", a recruitment company for childcare workers.
2019 Poppins Holdings acquired Wish Corporation, which operates childcare centers and schoolchildren, as a subsidiary.
Poppins Group operates 301 childcare and educational facilities and 5 facilities for the elderly.
Opened 14 childcare and educational facilities including company-led childcare centers.
2020 Poppins Holdings Co., Ltd. listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange.