List of group companies

Poppins Corporation

Launched in 1987 as a nanny service company, we created the word "EduCare" ( a combination of the words "education" and "care") and provide a full range of support for working women, including the operation of nursery schools and after school facilities, providing nursing care and housekeeping services, educational training and research, and recruitment and temporary staffing services.
As a leading company that shapes the future, we place the highest priority on the trust of our customers and provide the top level of safety, security and quality professional services. We are also ahead of the times in creating valuable services and businesses that meet the various needs of our customers, which change with their life stages.

Japan Association for Female Executives

Japan Association for Female Executives (JAFE) is a place where female managers and aspiring managers engage in information sharing and personal development to improve both their business lives as well as their personal lives.
JAFE was established in 1985, the same year the Law for Equal Employment Opportunity of Men and Women was first implemented. JAFE is a pioneer organization dedicated to females in managerial positions.

Poppins Sitter Co., Ltd.

Smart Sitter became a member of Poppins Group in February 2017.
Providing a babysitting service that combines the safe and secure quality of Poppins Group management with the convenience of choosing the right sitter for your family online.
Helping to expand the possibilities for children and families so that they can experience the wonderful "first" moments of parenthood with a smile.
( Changed the service name to Poppins Sitter in December 2020)

Wish Inc.

In April 2019, the company became part of the Poppins Group. Wish provide a wide range of childcare services, including the operation of licensed nurseries, after school facilities and children's centres. We also provide temporary staffing and placement services for childcare workers, helping them to find a job that suits their needs through a variety of job locations and conditions.
Our "wish" is that the services we provide will enable many children to grow up healthily and create a society where parents and carers can play an active role alongside the smiling faces of children.

Hoikushi GO Inc.

Established in October 2018, Hoikushi GO is a recruitment agency (job search and recruitment support) for childcare staff.
We introduce jobs in Japan, not only in the Poppins Group, but also in nurseries, kindergartens, in-house childcare and companies all over the country, completely free of charge.
Each individual is followed up by a dedicated career advisor until after employment.Whether the person is a qualified nursery nurse looking for a better job, a qualified nursery nurse with no experience in childcare, or a nursery staff member with no qualifications but who would like to try their hand at childcare, Hoikushi GO will help to find a job that suits their needs and circumstances.
We also offer a range of training opportunities to help person's self-improvement.