List of group companies

Poppins Educare Inc.

Our goal is to develop each child's individuality and abilities, and to provide true human education during the most important years of their lives. “Edu-care (a word created by combining the words "education" and "care") from the age of 0 years old” is the main feature of our cutting-edge infant education. We provide a full range of childcare facilities, including licensed and certified nursery schools, childcare centers for schoolchildren, children's centers, and in-house childcare centers. As the leading company in creating the future, we place the highest priority on the trust of our customers, and in addition to the highest standards of safety, security, and high quality professional services, we also provide a variety of other services, such as more efficient childcare through the use of ICT, online services including childcare consultation, and hybrid childcare services that combine online and real-life services.

Poppins FamilyCare Inc.

The Poppins Group started its first nanny (educational babysitter) service in 1987. As "another family member" who watches over your child's progress, we provide the highest level of child care through high quality "edu-care" (a coined word combining education and childcare) and the best in-home service for the elderly, "VIP Care," which is completely custom-made and goes beyond nursing care. We provide the following services seamlessly safe, reliable, and professional for working women.

Poppins Professional Inc.

We provide high quality services with the highest level of education and training system, a thorough approach to safety and security, and educational methods based on the most advanced brain science (Poppins Approach), utilizing the expertise in nanny services and early childhood education that Poppins has cultivated over the years since its establishment. We meet a variety of needs, from domestic to overseas training, and feature the ability to learn the world's top-level knowledge of infant education. From local governments to childcare facilities, general companies, and individuals, we offer high-quality human resource development and education seminars for a variety of purposes and occupations.

Japan Association for Female Executives

Japan Association for Female Executives (JAFE) is a place where female managers and aspiring managers engage in information sharing and personal development to improve both their business lives as well as their personal lives.
JAFE was established in 1985, the same year the Law for Equal Employment Opportunity of Men and Women was first implemented. JAFE is a pioneer organization dedicated to females in managerial positions.

Poppins Sitter Co., Ltd.

Smart Sitter became a member of Poppins Group in February 2017.
Providing a babysitting service that combines the safe and secure quality of Poppins Group management with the convenience of choosing the right sitter for your family online.
Helping to expand the possibilities for children and families so that they can experience the wonderful "first" moments of parenthood with a smile.
( Changed the service name to Poppins Sitter in December 2020)

Wish Inc.

In April 2019, the company became part of the Poppins Group. Wish provide a wide range of childcare services, including the operation of licensed nurseries, after school facilities and children's centres. We also provide temporary staffing and placement services for childcare workers, helping them to find a job that suits their needs through a variety of job locations and conditions.
Our "wish" is that the services we provide will enable many children to grow up healthily and create a society where parents and carers can play an active role alongside the smiling faces of children.