Introduction to Home Nursing-care Services

Home Senior Care Services

“VIP Care,” our nursing-care service for homebound seniors, is a customized program that provides care to both the individual in need as well as the supporting family members.
Our service can be freely arranged to cater for needs that are not covered by conventional nursing-care insurance.

Service Details
  • ・Personal care service
  • ・Accompaniment service
  • ・Housekeeping support service
  • ・Short term care service
  • ・Consultation service
  • ・End of life care

‘Poppins Ashiya Salon’:
A Mansion-style Day Service,

The Poppins Ashiya Salon is a luxurious renovated private residence with its own garden. The neighbourhood of Ashiya is peaceful and so it is the perfect backdrop to the elegant ambiance that the Salon creates. With a daily limit of 18 people, Ashiya Salon is able to provide a fulfilling service that caters to individual needs.