Services for Corporations and Municipalities

Our Service for Corporations and Municipalities

With expertise and leading knowledge in the field, Poppins has acquired a high status in the realm of nursing care. Poppins provides a full line of services that range from management consultation for nursing care facilities, to welfare services including child-rearing and nursing care support.

With over 160 day care facilities and over 300 corporate contractors for its Nanny program, Poppins provides services that assist customers in maintaining a healthy work-life balance. Poppins acknowledges the challenges of working individuals with children and promises to cater to the needs of these families. From unavoidable over-time, business trips to early return from parental leave, we promise a wide array of solutions that are well fit to your needs.

Service Details

  • Accredited Nursing-care Services

    Supporting the expansion and enhancement of government and/or municipally run nursing-care facilities.

  • Corporate In-house Nursery Services

    Supporting corporations that value its workers and promote diversity.

  • Child-rearing Services for Corporations

    Accommodating to the emergency needs of corporations, and providing continuous support for employees and staff by signing corporate contracts for nanny services, providing daycare services for events, and temporarily placing nursing-care staff.

  • VIP Care Services for Corporations

    Supporting the expansion and enhancement of welfare programs and providing special care for executive clients.

4 Reasons Why People Choose Poppins

  • Reason 1

    We’re proven leaders in our field

    Our firm received the Minister of Health, Labor, and Welfare’s award at the very first ‘Nihon (Japan) Service Prize’ ceremony -- the first award system of its kind dedicated to commending firms providing high quality service.

  • Reason 2

    The Comprehensiveness of Our Services

    Making strategic use of information technology, we provide nanny services 365 days a year, 24 hours a day—plus 100% responsiveness to same-day requests. Through providing a variety of options, programs, products, and services, we provide finely-polished hospitality and care to our customers.

  • Reason 3

    High Quality Assurance

    Our firm is the first in our field to receive the ISO9001 standard of quality certification. Our promise is to provide customers with the highest standard of qualityーdelivered through an education training program that stresses safety and quality assurance using methods based on latest advancements in neurology (the Poppins Approach).

  • Reason 4

    Proven Results and Achievements

    Having welcomed 30 years of business since our foundation, our firm has evolved to manage over 160 childcare facilities across the nation. We have established the first accredited daycare facility owned by a private firm, and we currently enjoy the patronage of numerous firms across Japan.

    Our firm provides consulting services and solution proposals adjusted to the corporations and government bodies that we do business with. We dedicate ourselves to each and every request and strive for problem solution, while providing follow-up support after services have begun.