Nanny Services

Our Nanny Services

Through education of English, sports, the arts and more, we aim to provide an environment that cultivates a combination of intellect, sensitivity, and physical fitness. We provide a rich child-rearing experience while fostering your child’s sense of culture and intellect in a mentally and physically fulfilling environment.

What is a “Nanny?

A nanny refers to a child-rearing professional, often in the employ of the British Royal Family. Poppins educates their nannies with a specialized training program, implementing elements of the prestigious Norland College’s curriculum. Through this curriculum, we raise nannies of the highest quality in terms of knowledge, culture, technique, and character.

Four Heartfelt Promises We Make to Your Family

  • Promise 1
    We will provide 100% response to same-day requests. Poppins is the only firm that provides definite response to emergency requests. Even with sudden work engagements and overtime hours, you can rest assured with us.
  • Promise 2
    We promise to wholeheartedly dedicate ourselves towards looking after your child even when they are ill and provide care that gives peace of mind.
  • Promise 3
    We accept reservations via web or smartphone 365 days a year, 24 hours a day. We will be there for you, whenever and wherever you need us. If you ever require our services, you can send us an application via smartphone or the web.
  • Promise 4
    Our coordinators provide personalized visits prior to membership, and are open for consultations. The coordinator will inquire for further details on your child’s personality as well as your standards towards education. Based on these findings, we will find a nanny that is matched to your home environment. We provide swift and careful response to any concerns or problems you may have.