Domestic and Overseas Training

Our Training Service

We provide a wide variety of domestic and international training programs, adjustable to a diverse range of needs. One example of such a program is the Poppins training seminar, where one can acquire the world’s most advanced knowledge regarding childhood education. Our training seminars are in use by the national government, local government bodies, and companies alike. Through our international training seminars one can see, touch, and leardn the most advanced techniques surrounding early childhood education.

Domestic Training Seminars

At Poppins, we strive to make improvements to the world of child care. Our training services makes use of the knowhow Poppins has accumulated through its years of providing nanny services and early childhood education. Whether it be local government institutions, childcare facilities, companies, or even individuals, we provide high quality personnel training services and education seminars adapted to a variety of purposes, careers, and needs.

List of Training Services

Training for Governmental Bodies
  • Childcare Specialist Improvement Training (Rookie class, Middle-rank workers class, Head of Facility class)
  • Inactive Childcare Specialist Re-education Support
  • Child-rearing Support Specialist Training
  • Household Childcare Specialist Training
  • Parental Training and Labor Classes, Child-rearing Classes
  • Work Support Seminars
  • “Childcare Specialist Alumni Training,” held to support those wishing to return to work as childcare specialists or educators in daycare centers. (Held by NPO Poppins)
Training Services for Nurseries and Preschools
  • Training for Early Childhood Care Skills
  • Training for Poppins Manners and Etiquette
  • Human Relations Evaluation System Consulting and Training
General Training and Student-Oriented Training
  • Childcare Specialist Improvement Training (For Students)
  • Educator/Babysitter (Nanny) Education Seminar (For the General Public/Students)
  • Parent Duo-Class (Poppins Antenatal Class) (For General Public)
  • Grandchild Care Seminars (For General Public)

*A Child-rearing Support Personnel License refers to a form of certification targeted towards housewives who have experience in childcare. In preparation for this certification, we implement training based on national standards at training sessions held at local government centers across the country. When one completes this training, one will be qualified to enter into work as an assistant to childcare specialists at childcare facilities with small-scale classes.

*Home Daycare refers to a small-scale, differing age-range childcare center held at the childcare specialist’s home or at another specialized location.

Overseas training

We provide an overseas training system for those taking part in early childhood education as well as those wishing to further professional development and pursuing leadership positions. Through our unique global network which includes these prestigious universitiesーsStanford University, Norland Collegeー students can receive the most up-to-date training in early childhood educations. An education that puts you in touch with the present and future is waiting.

* We will issue a certificate upon completion for each and all of our trainings.