Investor Relations

Investor Relations


About Us

How long have you been in business?
While we’ve been in business since 1987, Poppins Holdings Inc. incorporated on October 3, 2016.
Where can I learn more about your operating segments?
Please check the page of each business at the link.
How is the corporate group organized?
Our group consists of seven companies – Poppins Holdings Inc.; consolidated subsidiaries Poppins Corporation, Poppins FamilyCare Inc., Poppins Professional Inc., Poppins Sitter Co., Ltd., Wish, Inc.; and non-consolidated subsidiary, Poppins U.S.A. Incorporated.
Please check the page of each company at the link for details.
Where can I find information on your governance ?
Please see the Corporate Governance page for details.

About Stock and Financial Information

When were you listed?
December 21, 2020 on the TSE (Tokyo Stock Exchange).
Where are you listed?
Standard Market of the Tokyo Stock Exchange
What is your ticker?
What is the trading unit of your stock?
When does your fiscal year end?
December 31
When do you announce your financial results?
Please see the IR Schedule page for the schedule of when we announce our financial results.
When do you hold your Annual Meeting of Shareholders?
In March
Please see the IR Schedule page for details.
Tell me about your dividends.
Please see the Shareholder Return page for our dividends.
Do you have any shareholder benefits?
We currently do not provide any shareholder benefits.
Who is the administrator of your shareholder register?
Sumitomo Mitsui Trust Bank, Limited
Who should I contact about matters such as how to transfer shares or change my address?
Please contact the securities company where you have opened your trading account.


Tell me about your growth and profitability over the years.
Please see our financial statements and securities reports (in Japanese only).
How can I contact your IR Officer?
lease make IR inquiries from CONTACT: Inquiries.
What will happen to your stock price in the future?
Issuing companies cannot make statements on their stock price. Therefore, we cannot answer questions about our stock price.
Can I make other detailed inquiries about information that you have not yet announced?
We cannot answer questions relating to content other than facts that we have already announced because otherwise a difference will arise in the information available to other shareholders.