Investor Relations

Investor Relations

Diversity & Inclusion

Our Motto: “The engine of all growth is love”

We believe that diversity and inclusion stem from loving words, actions, and behavior from every employee.
We advocate building relationships where a mutual sense of trust can be held among employees no matter their position. That goes hand-in-hand with our code of conduct and corporate values of approval, equity, respect, sincerity, and enthusiasm. This connects us beyond our day-to-day work.
We aim to be a company where everyone can thrive being who they are. A company where everyone is mutually accepting differences in age, gender, disabilities, race, ethnicity, birthplace, religion and all other attributes. This is how we participate in positive social change.

Promoting women's Empowerment Toward Gender Equality

Creating Jobs for Women

Leveraging our childcare industry expertise

We create jobs for about 3,400 women a year because we understand the working mother’s perspective better than anyone.(This includes outsourced business.)

2nd Place in Forbes JAPAN WOMEN AWARD 2021
(Among Companies with 1,000+ Employees)